Free Pricing Guide:
How Much Does a Legal Animation Cost?

One of the most common questions a legal professional has about legal animations is, "How much do they cost?"

In our eBook, A Pricing Guide for Legal Animations, we explain all of the factors that determine the price of a legal animation, including the approximate costs for a range of legal exhibits. 

By downloading this free eBook, you will learn:

  • The 3 major contributing factors to the cost of an animation 
  • The 7 most common types of legal animations, and the approximate costs of each
  • The different providers who can help you produce an animation, and the pros and cons of working with each
  • A guide to the bidding process & production schedule – including 3 red flags to look out for when reviewing a proposal
  • How to avoid hidden change fees and get upfront pricing
  • ...and more!

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