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The Complete Introduction to Forensic Animation

By now, you've likely heard of forensic animation being used in the courtroom. You may have even seen opposing counsel use it.

But what goes into creating a high quality legal animation? In what types of cases would you want to use animation? What does it cost, and how can you be confident in its admissibility?

In our eBook, The Complete Introduction to Forensic Animation, we cover all of these questions and more. Whether you are considering animation for one of your cases, or you simply want to be prepared for when the other party uses an animation, this eBook is your guide to understanding forensic animation.

By downloading this free eBook, you will learn:

  • What exactly Forensic Animation is
  • The purpose of using Forensic Animation
  • How animations are created
  • Which practice areas can benefit most from legal animations
  • How much a high quality animation costs (Hint: it's possible to get one without breaking your client's bank)
  • What to look for when choosing an animation provider
  • How to evaluate whether your case is a good candidate for animation
  • ...and more!



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